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Hi, I am married to Mike with one son who is semi-grown, have a dog, a cat.  I work at a local hospital as a cardiac nurse.  We live in Central NY, not far from Lake Ontario.

I love to sew and start and restart healthy eating and exercise plans;  I love to ride my bike, also picking up knitting again.   But usually I just waste too much time on the internet to do everything I really enjoy and aspire doing because I love to read and research probably more than anything else. Seriously, I need to apply myself and create a bit more balance so you can see my pathetic attempts at a live worth living rather than a life spent observing and growing ever wider. Oh, and I watch too much tv too.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012, a new plan, an old blog, time for some reno.

Initially I had started this blog to review and go through the volumes of The Art of Sewing by Time Life.  And honestly, it started feeling like a chore.  First, it seemed like my posts were lifting too much from the books. Second, it was kind of boring to me to only concentrate on the books.  Then Life interfered.  My husband returned from working out of state, my son was graduating high school and starting college, my mother moved in, my nephew moved in, we acquired a dog, my job changed and increased in hours-- the kinds of things that can happen to anyone.

I still follow a great many blogs on my Google Reader and social websites like Pattern Review, Sew Weekly, BurdaStyle, etc.  Often I think of things I'd like to share that isn't scattered all over the web.  So I've made a command decision to expand the scope of this blog from sewing related stuff, the books, the projects, day to day life, stuff I think is cool, stuff I have opinions about and goings on.  I think it will be better than to post a whole lot of nothing which is what has happened since last April.  So my goal is to write something at least once a week, maybe more.

Above is the mandatory cute cat picture.  This is Mardigras, our tortie, (we call her our "tartie" as she loves up anyone that will pay attention to her, until she is quite done, then she nips you).

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  1. Happy New Year! Your blog ideas sound great! And Mardigras is such a cutie!