Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taking a Gander at the Content

I have been reviewing the posts I have already made going through this first volume.  Holy cannoli Batman, these are some long blog posts!  

While it was necessary to divide the first chapter into three parts, I have looked ahead and I see that most all the chapters will have to be done in multiple parts. 

 As I begin Chapter 3, I see it starts at page 47 to page 83 and the following chapter is three times as long.  

In Chapter 4 there is a section of construction order that will see me sewing up five garments and endless samples.  There will be pleats, zippers and waistbands and good golly plackets!  

Towards the end of the book we get to embroider (a vest and some kind of hanging), knit and crochet together (five sweaters and an afghan)-- I don't think I will be completing all those projects as I am beginner knitter and barely know how to crochet.  I don't have time for every hobby under the sun d/t work and bills and stuff..  

 I find the first volume very comprehensive so am excited to see what else is store.  It may take some time to get through this first volume and the future volumes.   Each volume covers quite a bit of material.

I will be sewing along, following the instructions and the techniques pictured and I have to tell you all, these are not timesaving shortcut-astic kinds of techniques-- fair warning I may cheat with more modern technique because this is old school slow sewing.    


  1. I'm really enjoying reading this, I have a few of the books bought from a library sale, and I'm kicking myself now for not buying the whole lot.

  2. Well, I hope you follow along with the books that you do have! I think the missing volumes are pretty easy to source with one of the used online bookstores like Abe Books or any of the others. I find them to be less expensive than ebay or etsy.